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writing bloggersNo man is an island and neither are writers! Writers need to read books, seek out advice, and learn from other writers. An excellent way to do this is to follow writing bloggers. Not only is it inspiring watching other writers tackling their current works, but you can learn so much! I’m constantly learning new things, ideas for characters, and story plotting methods to put into practice.

Here’s some of my favorite writing bloggers:

Hannah Heath

If I recall correctly, Hannah Heath was one of the first writing bloggers I discovered. Her blog is lively, interactive, and chock-full of great advice. Hannah writes dystopian Christian fiction, and even has a self-published book on Amazon.
Hannah’s advice is practical and on-point. Hannah doesn’t just blog about writing, she also shares her love for Manga comics and other authors.

hannah heath
Some of my favorite posts from Hannah include ideas for balancing violence in stories and my favorite, writing Socially Awkward Characters.
Hannah is also incredibly talented at dropping Superhero reference at the MOST appropriate junctures. And she tackles really touch topics with the perfect blend of sarcasm and truth.

Kristen Kieffer @ Well Storied

Some of Kristen’s Blog posts

Kristen’s website is so cheerful, her page always make me smile. Kristen has an incredible amount of information on plotting all different kind of stories. Kristen spends time working on story structure, learning to develop character arcs, and working with agents.

Kristen also hosts weekly Twitter chats on writing topics and runs a Youtube channel on writing. She has alot of writing tools as well, such as workbooks and novel planners.

Jane Friedman 

Jane Friedman is a legend. If you have any questions about the publishing industry, Friedman is the place to look. Her website has a ton of resources, from crafting stories to deciding between self publishing and traditional publishing.

Friedman also offers editing services, as well as publishing advice.

Christine @ Better Novel Project

better novel project writing bloggers

Better Novel Project is incredibly fun! I first discovered Better Novel project on Pinterest, and it’s easy to see why. All of Better Novel Project’s posts are interwoven with lovely illustrations, adding depth and humor to her writing.

Christine studies books and shares how books follow traditional methods to tell their stories. She breaks down plots into diagrams and easy-to-follow illustrations.

Christine’s illustrations are incredibly detailed, entertaining, and full of information. Christine breaks down traditional story telling methods, such as the hero’s journey, with illustrations from popular books.

Have questions about using Point of View, writing Fight Scenes, or World Building? Check out Christine’s fun lessons!

Kaitlin @ Ink and Quills ink and quills

Isn’t Ink and Quills the cutest name? I think so, I just had to include it on today’s list! Also, slightly jealous of her header.

Ink and Quills author, Kaitlin, started writing her first novel when she was 14. She aims to share lessons she learned from her own writing journey with other authors. Her blog posts are varied, well-researched,  and helpful.

Ink and Quills has an excelled resource library of various e-guides, workbooks, and checklists.

Faye @ Writerology

This website is the Encyclopedia of writing! Wondering how to get into a writer’s mind? Or a character’s mind? Look no further – there’s a ton of advice.

Writerology digs into physiology to deepen your story telling, helping you create a richer writing experience. If you’re an analytical person, Writerology is practically perfect. Mind maps, plotting, developing a writing routing – all carefully researched topics.
Faye has a writing archive dating all the way back to 2012, so the blog is rich with information.

writing bloggers

What blogging resources do you use to help you write? Have a favorite blogger I didn’t mention? Tell me about them in the comments, I’d love to check them out! 

Till next time –

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  1. August 19, 2017 / 8:03 am

    Ooh, I love all of these bloggers. Especially Hannah Heath. She’s so sarcastic.
    Another blogger I love is K. M. Weiland at Helping Authors Become Writers. She has tons of articles on just about everything and a story database where you can look at the story structure of popular books and movies. I’m always learning new things from her.

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