Writing Projects and Ideas

Writing Projects and Ideas

writing projectsI hardly remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a set of writing projects stashed away, either on paper or in my head. Every month or so, another idea pops in my head. Sometimes I’ll mull them over for a few days and throw the idea away. Other times the story will stew for a few months before I write any notes on it. And in the best cases, I’ll write a little bit on the story for several years before I’m able to finish an actual book.

I recently thought, Wouldn’t it be cool to write a book for every major genre? Now I know, I probably can’t do all the genres of literature. But why not try a few? So here’s my book ideas list for several different genres.

Seven Writing Projects

Historical Fantasy

This story feels like it’s taken over my life. Or at least all free time. After close to 5 years of work, most of this book has been plotted out and written. It’s a complicated story, with politics, family, and religion woven together.

I’ve written the first book in this genre; which should end up as a trilogy. Right now, I’m calling the entire trilogy the Kingdom of Threads. I’ve been told that publishers can change titles before publication, so we’ll see if my choice lasts.

I actually have a synopsis for this story because the first book is completely written. Right now I’m looking at hiring editors and searching for agents.


Some people think they’re born to do something. Edward knows he was born for a reason. His father was king and his grandfather; it’s in his blood. The kingdom of Curan.

But you can’t be king when you’re only three years old. Or six. Or even sixteen.
Instead, you wait. And continue waiting, until someone decides you’re old enough to be king.

Edward’s certain he’s old enough.

But while Edward’s been waiting, his country has changed.
Another woman is queen. Others say they don’t need a king. And perhaps, Edward wasn’t born to be king at all.

Publication date – Maybe 3 years from now?

Historical Fiction

It’s been my dream since my early teenage years to write a book set in World War II. I devoured books from this time period, and have always admired those who worked against the Nazis.

So my dream historical fiction novel is a story about the resistance in Holland. Set in Rotterdam, then migrating to Amsterdam. I’ve collected facts about the Netherlands since I was 14, mentally writing the plot.

Facts like, the Dutch royal color is orange. The streetlights were orange, so every time the light changed the Dutch would step out of their cars and salute. Really annoyed the Nazis, so they made sure the lights had a decidedly more red tint.

Also, the Dutch were some of the most resistant people in Western Europe. They assassinated top Nazi officials, smuggled out a lot of Allied pilots, and nearly starved to death.

At this point, this story has 3 main characters: a teenage girl, a college age resistance fighter, and a Catholic German soldier. I’ve plotted the outline some, and I can’t wait to really delve into developing character development.

Historical fiction is my favorite genre, but is probably the hardest to write. So much research! So much possibility for getting details wrong. So many distractions, like more cool facts! More cool people! More research…..
And like most things in life, I’ve no timetable for this project.


Retellings are popular right now, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella.

I’d love to do a fantasy retelling of The Little Mermaid. But with an entirely different twist. I’d like to take the original Hans Christian Anderson tale and mix it with Irish folklore.
The original story is much darker than the 1990’s Disney film. But I don’t want to leave a teenage girl turning into sea froth, neither will she have the traditional modern ending.

And what’s fun, she’ll probably not be a mermaid, per se. With an Irish twist, I’m thinking of characters whose lives revolve around the sea. But they don’t live in the sea.

For this story to work, I need to do quite a bit of research into Irish folklore. It’ll take a while, especially weeding out preconceived Anglo-Saxon conceptions about Irish history.

I’m also thinking this story will be a duology. I’ve just recently come across the concept of writing book duology and jotted down t idea in my writing bucket list. I also think it would be really cool to tie this story into my previous Historical Fantasy trilogy.

Alternate History

alternate history

I’m kind of pumped about this idea, because it could be such a diverse and fun possibility. My idea started with a question – how would the US work if the South won the Civil War? And specifically what would life be like 50 years later?

In answer to this question, I created a story. Well, partly. It’s all in my head with some loose ideas thrown together.

But the main idea is a story set in 1914 South Carolina, with Europe on the edge of the first World War. Instead of staying out of things, the South will immediately ally with England and their gang. Why? Because England helped the South defeat the North, right?
So who would the North work with? The Germans, obviously. Not because they’re evil or anything. But, in 1914, alot of the North is of German ancestry. And wouldn’t necessarily  be friendly to a pro-Southern English alliance.

Anyway, that’s the complicated politics of the story. The fun actually comes from the characters, which I’m thinking will be a well-off South Carolinian family. The cast revolves around this family their kids, slaves, neighbors. Yes, slavery still exists in this story. That would be a major conflict to work through.

This story will take a lot of inspiration from the Grimke sisters, John C Calhoun, and the South Carolina upstate.

I’m jittery just thinking of the possibilities.


I’ve been scribbling poetry in my journals since I was 16. Poetry comes and goes for me, sometimes the poems are deep and meaningful. Other times, they’re more fun and chipper.

Either way, two ideas for my poetry. First, a children’s book. Poems I’ve written about thunderstorms, stars, and leprechauns. They’re light hearted, easy to read aloud, and short. With some watercolor illustrations, they might make a pretty great children’s book.

And then my more serious poetry. Maybe they’ll be published someday. But probably not. Poetry isn’t an entirely popular genre, and means different things for every reader.

Biblical Fiction

I’ve read many retellings of Bible stories, some well written, others complete failures. I’ve never truly wanted to rewrite a Bible story as a book.

Until I was sitting in Life of Paul class this Spring. And discussing Paul’s imprisonment in Jerusalem. How his nephew basically saved his life.
And I began thinking through all these questions. How did his nephew know about the men swearing to kill Paul? How well did he know his uncle? Did he have to leave the city? Did the men know he’d told on them?

Did he believe in Jesus? Did his parents? How old was he?

All these questions. And there’s probably not that much information available on Paul’s nephew. But the story intrigued me.
I think it would be amazing to write a story based on the nephew. Now, it would require a lot of work. Tons of research. A lot of Bible knowledge.

But someday, maybe I’ll get the time to delve into that. And write a story about a family in Jerusalem, a rabble rousing uncle, and a teenager’s faith.


I’ve kind of started on this book. My blog is part memoir, and I would really like to finish the story of my childhood, adoption, my journey with God, and my freedom from reactive attachment disorder and crippling mistrust of the world.

But it’s hard to write that. Very hard. It’s a battle of what I should tell people, what I shouldn’t. And how to not hurt the people currently invested in my life.

God is amazing. And His work in my life is spectacular. I’d love to be able to reach more people through my story. But I’ve no idea when that might happen.

In the meanwhile I’ll keep blogging. If you know a co-author, who might be interested in helping me write a memoir, send them my way. 🙂

How To/Christian Help

This book is precious to me. And perhaps that is why it is most difficult.
Simply put, I want to write a book on how churches can help families who adopt or foster kids. Maybe in conjunction with a memoir.

There’s a lot of families who need help from the church. Paired with that, the Church has clear callings in the New Testament. Two are: preach the Gospel and for widows and orphans.

But the modern church doesn’t know how to help our orphans. Kids in foster care and adoptive families. From what I’ve seen, adoptive families are left to sort their problems out on their own.
And it’s hard. Most kids have suffered intense trauma, and most parents are prepared to deal with that level of emotional upheaval.

Traditional parenting doesn’t work, but traditional emotions are broken. And when things don’t work, abuse happens.

The local church needs to know how to come along side these families and give them the emotional, physical, and spiritual support they desperately need.

This book is a massive project/idea in my head. It requires countless hours of research with pastors, families, kids, and counselors. I’m almost 100% certain I can’t do it alone. I imagine it will have several coauthors.
Meanwhile, I occasional write down scripture passages I think might have relevance. I bookmark websites, and write down pastors names. And pray that this book is written. By anyone, as long as churches and families get the help they need.

Wow, More than Seven Writing Projects

When I sat down to type up this post, I was sure I only had seven writing projects in the bag. But afterwards, I realized I have a few more than that. I’ll still keep seven books forthcoming on my blog title image, because getting seven books published feels rather audacious.

Right now, these are my top can’t-wait-to-write projects. Which ones are you excited about? Or perhaps, you think they all sound boring 🙂 I don’t mind, really.

Drop a comment and make my day better with your thoughts!

Writing Projects and ideas